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Committee leadership:

Chair:  Vacant

Vice Chair: Larry Ferguson, FL DOT

Secretary: Mike Graf, FHWA

AASHTO Liaison: Matt Hardy



 Subcommittee Charter

The Subcommittee will support the Standing Committee on Performance Management which is dedicated to maximize the performance of both transportation systems and organizations of state DOTs.

The Subcommittee will investigate how transportation organizations market and communicate results to aid in the development and justification of budget and project proposals; and how performance management increases accountability to road users and the public at large.

The Subcommittee will examine how transportation organizations monitor, respond to, and manage project delivery and system operational performance based on results; using measures, indicators, core competencies, and organizational knowledge;

The Subcommittee will share knowledge on and administer the recognition of and awards for the successful application of performance management and quality improvement tools and practices (such as ISO, Partnering, Baldrige, Six Sigma, Lean, etc.);

Each member department may appoint up to three members to the Subcommittee; although only one vote per Member Department may be cast on voting matters;

As a cross-cutting committee within AASHTO close liaison will be maintained with other AASHTO committees especially the Standing Committee on Highway, Finance and Administration, Planning and Environment.  To ensure consistency and the best thinking of the Association, the Subcommittee shall work cooperatively, as appropriate with other technical subcommittees.  


Task Force Reports SOOM Task Force status reports 11 2012 (3).pdfSOOM Task Force status reports 11 2012 (3).pdf